Saturday, November 3, 2012

Barefoot Women Wrestlers

Something you don't see a lot these days...come to think of it barefoot female wrestlers.
Of course back in the day you had lots of them that I can remember.

Anne Casey-Barefoot Women Wrestlers

Ann Casey, Vicki Williams, Judy Grable, Velvet MacIntyre, Miss Mona (Molly Holly when she was in the WCW), even Jungle Grrl from GLOW.
But these days that seems to be a thing of the past.
I guess maybe it has to do with safety concerns, but Ann and Vicki seemed to do alright for themselves.

Velvet MacIntyre - Barefoot Women Wrestlers

The Glamour Girls-Leilani Kai (barefoot) and Judy Martin
The Glamour Girls...Leilani Kai (barefoot) and Judy Martin.

Velvet MacIntyre-wrestling
 Another shot of Velvet MacIntyre

Mickie James-Barefoot Women Wrestling

Mickie James in TNA.
Good Lord child.....

Another TNA shot with Gail Kim coming in with what looks like might be a Hurricanrana or a Frankensteiner?

Barefoot Women Wrestlers

Kana, who is now WWE NXT Diva Asuka

Lacey Von Erich with a clawhold on Riptide (I think)

Lacey Von Erich with a clawhold on Riptide (I think)

Classic female pro wrestler Judy Grable was also known as "The Barefoot Contessa" because she usually wrestled barefoot

Velvet McIntyre (again) about to lay a roundhouse kick into Sherri Martel's stomach

Jungle Grrrl vs Tatevik

Leilani Kai vs Vicki Williams

Judy Grable vs Olga Martinez

Sue Green vs Ann Casey

Ann Casey again, but this time in a headscissors courtesy of Princess Natasha

Madusa Miceli barefoot

Velvet MacIntyre

Natasha The Hatchet Lady and Ann Casey

 TWO barefoot female wrestlers, Vicki Williams vs. Leilani Kai from 1979
Vicki Williams vs. Leilani Kai (1979-01-07) by OldSchoolWrestling

Despina "The Greek Goddess" Montagas gives Malia Hosaka a concussion.

Mars Bennett vs Lily Bitters

More Classic Women's Pro Wrestling Here:

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Big D said...

Love the pics. Barefoot really seems to suit some wrestlers

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